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keylight Insights

Home to new concepts, strategical thinking, and a sophisticated approach to subscription systems. Revolutionize the world of subscriptions from the user’s point of view. 

Sales Operations 6 min read

Modern CPQ and guided selling are essential for subscription success

Sales processes and mechanisms need to transform away from one-off sales models, to leverage the full potential of the ongoing customer relationship
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Event 2 min read

keylight joins agents of change at Technology & Innovation North America Event

keylight leads product demos to showcase the impact of user experience, end-to-end automation, and predictive analytics—on subscription businesses.
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UXUI 8 min read

The impact of user experience on subscription business outcomes

Good user experience increases customer retention and drives the costs of your subscription business down by minimising the need for system intervention.
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UXUI 7 min read

How design thinking and user-centricity work together

Deliver great user experiences and set up for sustainable growth with a system-wide, user-centric and design thinking approach for subscription businesses.
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UXUI 4 min read

Why design thinking is game changing for subscription businesses

The focus that design thinking places on ongoing learning and understanding is ultimately where its benefits lie for subscription businesses.
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Subscription Strategy 6 min read

The financial challenges of strategic partnerships and how to solve them

Simplify and automate the processes around subscription partnerships and create multiple reliable revenue sources via your affiliates.
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