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Subscription Economy

Hidden Gems: 5 B2C Digital Service Subscriptions to Try

By Ji-Soo Kweon
Hidden Gems: 5 B2C Digital Service Subscriptions to Try

There’s so much more to the wonderful world of the subscription economy than subscription boxes and Netflix. 


We spend more time than ever online; for work and for pleasure, before lockdowns and curfews and, increasingly, during them. If you’re in the tech scene, you’ll know there are lots of exciting, innovative B2B (business-to-business) SaaS subscriptions available; but that doesn’t mean that you, the individual consumer, have to miss out on all the fun. Here are five direct to consumer, digital service subscriptions to enrich, improve, and simplify your life. 



CuriosityStream     From $2.99 per month    


Are you endlessly, mindlessly, rewatching the same decade-old sitcom now that you’ve burned through your entire Netflix watchlist? Do you wish you spent more time proactively learning instead of staring, slack-jawed, into the abyss? With CuriosityStream you’re only one click away from thousands of fascinating, educational documentaries; including original content by the likes of Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, and David Attenborough. Subscriptions start at just $2.99 per month, and for a limited time only get 40% off annual plans - that means an entire year’s access from $11.99! 

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Topia     Free   



Remember when social interactions meant that you could wander, mingle, snack, chat with small groups, slip in and out with too much fuss? Remember when ‘party’ didn’t mean having everyone stare at each other for hours on end with no break or distraction? Unfortunately, there’s no software yet that can overcome the distance of socially-distanced socializing, but Topia can make you feel like you’re meeting in-person by creating not just a virtual space, but a whole virtual world. You can customize your own unique virtual world where you and your guests can seamlessly move in and out of conversations, move, dance, wander - you know, what we used to do when in-person interaction was less perilous. You can use Topia to host casual meetups, virtual offices, to large scale conferences, festivals, or anything you can think of. Topia meetings of up to 25 people are free, or you can host unlimited people for $9 per month. 

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Doodle     Free   



We’re all busy - and we’re all definitely too busy to play an endless round of ‘Tuesday’s no good, how about Thursday?’ with every single person you want to spend five minutes with. Now you can coordinate and schedule meetings - virtual or otherwise- with Doodle. Simply make a list of options available, invite people to select which option is most convenient for them, and then pick the time that is most convenient for everybody. For bonus features like Slack and Zoom integrations, check out their paid subscription options starting from $6.95 per month. 

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Calendly     Free   



Are you the kind of person who gets bombarded with meeting requests on a regular basis? Do people put vague meetings with no clear point or purpose in your calendar so you spend half your morning wondering what the heck they need from you? Whilst it’s always nice to be appreciated, keeping track of appointments and trying to find time for everybody can be exhausting. With Calendly you can create different meeting options for others to pick from, so you know exactly what they’re after; and they can see your calendar, so they know exactly when you have a free moment. Win-win. Calendly is free with limited features or upgrade to paid subscription plans from $8 per month.    

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Todoist      Free   



Do you have a feeling that you needed to do something...but you can’t remember what that is? Say goodbye to overdue bills or forgetting to pack your favourite swimsuit for your vacation with Todoist, the intuitive, interactive, does-it-all to-do-list. Free up your mental space and regain clarity and calmness by getting your important to-do’s off your sleep-deprived, caffeine dependent, the-baby-is-crying-and-now-I’m-distracted mental list and onto your sleek, reliable, virtual one. On Todoist you can quickly add a task in seconds, set recurring due dates, create sections and subtasks, colour-code and prioritise, set reminders, delegate, and track progress. Start your Todoist journey for free, and you can always upgrade to paid plans from €3 per month for bonus features.

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