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Six Subscriptions for your Veganuary, New Year New Me, Couch to 5K Needs

By Ji-Soo Kweon
Six Subscriptions for your Veganuary, New Year New Me, Couch to 5K Needs

These subscription services will make sure your new years’ resolutions last for the whole year and beyond. 


We’re still not out of the woods, but now that we are here at the start of a new year we can just about catch a glimpse of the finishing line on the horizon. After the world descended into chaos and obsessive handwashing, for most of us basic homeostasis was the very pinnacle of our effort to just survive somehow. But it’s a new year, and you’ve probably set some pretty lofty new years’ resolution to atone for the alarming amounts of takeout pizza and Netflix bingeing of yesteryear. If you’re struggling through Veganuary or closer to the couch end of the Couch to 5K, here are some nifty subscription services to make your lifestyle revolution a little more doable. 



B3 30-day challenge promotional photo with a woman doing yoga and an inspirational quote

Fitness new years’ resolutions now pose a unique problem to solve - the gyms are closed, but going for an outdoor run in skimpy gym clothes during the coldest months of the year is distinctly unappealing. With a barre3 online subscription you can do a full-body, balanced workout from the comfort of your home with no equipment, through a combination of on-demand and live barre3, yoga, and HIIT workouts. Join The January Challenge to get your first 15 days free and 50% off the online subscription. 


Quantum 4 flavors of new particle Quantum energy squares, open

Up your snack game with Quantum Energy Squares; 100% plant-based protein bars with 10g of premium plant protein from peas and pumpkin seeds, plus natural caffeine from organic green coffee equivalent to a shot of espresso. Nutritionally balanced, vegan, and designed to deliver slow-release energy, Quantum Energy Squares can get you through Veganuary, a workout, a hike through the wilderness, or that meeting that someone scheduled during your regular naptime. Subscribe to get 8 bars per month for $22, which will save you 20% from full price.   


Function of Beauty

A colorful array of Function of Beauty customized hair care products.

In the absence of hair salons and day spas, kick off this new year by giving your hair and skin some DIY TLC. Function of Beauty’s flagship line of haircare products - including purple shampoo and hair masks - is fully customizable to your specific hair concerns, as well as to your colour and fragrance preferences. Function of Beauty has also launched new body and skincare lines, which are also fully customizable. When you’ve used their website to personalize a complete hair, beauty, and skincare regimen, you can set your subscription service to automatically deliver your goodies with free shipping.  All Function of Beauty products are cruelty free, 100% vegan, sulfate and paraben free, and can be made fragrance free. 


Kinder Beauty Box

Kinder Beauty Box founder Daniela Monet taking a selfie with a box full of goodies

Activist-founded by Daniella Monet and Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch, the Kinder Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box of hand-picked vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. At just $23/mo for the 6 month plan, each box has $75+ of skincare, makeup, hair care, body care, beauty accessories, and more.   



Waves crashing on the beach, top view

If 2020 threw your mental health into a dumpster and then set the dumpster on fire, you’re not alone. We’re not out of the woods yet but the only way out is through, and you can get through these tough times with a little mindfulness help from Calm. A Calm subscription offers breathing exercises, guided meditation sessions, and an ever-expanding collection of Sleep Stories narrated by the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Kate Winslet, and Stephen Fry. Right now Calm has a Limited Time Offer of a 7 day free trial and a €38.99 annual subscription. 



Top view of an open Hello Fresh subscription box full of fresh ingredients

With a HelloFresh subscription eating better just got a whole lot easier. Each box comes with recipe cards and pre-measured ingredients for you to easily whip up tasty meals on your own, no takeout or trips to the supermarket required. A HelloFresh subscription can also help you with your healthy eating goals for the new year - if you’re going plant-based, try the vegetarian option, and if you’re trying to get leaner and meaner, try the ‘balance’ option for lower carb and lower calorie recipes. 



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