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4 Subscriptions to Kick-Start Your Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free, Sustainable Lifestyle Revolution

Make your zero-waste swaps convenient and cost-effective with these green subscription services.


Picking eco-friendly, sustainable options can be tricky - they’re often unavailable or significantly more expensive than conventional products you can buy at your average supermarket. Even if you do make the conscious effort to avoid single-use disposable goods, some things just need to keep being replaced, from toothbrushes to toilet paper. Subscription services can be a great option for keeping fully-stocked on eco-friendly goods as products available via subscription are usually more cost effective, as the digitalized subscription model can cut out the middleman and brick and mortar suppliers. Here are some subscription services that will deliver earth-friendly products right to your door. 



1 | Gustatory Coffee Capsule Subscription


Kiss goodbye that weird emotional hurricane of ‘coffee capsules are so convenient’ mixed with ‘coffee capsules are terrible for the environment’. Up the convenience factor with a clear conscience with Gustatory’s coffee capsule subscription, which delivers eco-friendly biodegradable coffee pods tailored to your needs and tastes. Compatible with Nespresso and available in both regular and decaf, Gustatory Coffee Capsule subscription starts from 22 EUR with free shipping to most of Europe. All of Gustatory’s coffee is ethically sourced and sustainably produced by independent roasters, and Gustatory also has other carefully curated coffee box subscriptions for whole bean and ground coffee. In addition to getting guilt-free, high quality coffee delivered right to your doorstep, a tree is planted for each subscription box that is delivered.

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2 | Authentic House  


Are you a bit bamboozled as to where to start your plastic-free, eco-friendly lifestyle? Does it all seem terribly confusing and expensive? Ease into the sustainable life with Authentic House, a subscription box of carefully selected zero-waste products for all areas of your home, from baby products to stationary to cleaning supplies. All of the products in each box are plastic-free, and for every new subscription Authentic House will plant a tree. Get your box today from £23.30 inclusive of shipping to Europe, plus a 5% discount on anything in their shop to add items to your next box, with free shipping.

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3 | Wild 


Wild is the wunderkind of deodorants - vegan, cruelty free, gluten, sulfate, paraben, and aluminium free, travel friendly, with unisex scents and suitable for all ages and during pregnancy. Join their flexible subscription program by buying the £12 starter pack, which comes with a reusable case and a refill in the scent of your choice, then you will be sent £15 refill packs with three plastic-free refills. The subscription is completely flexible, so you can set your delivery schedule to a frequency that suits you (each refill lasts about a month), and you can edit, pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at any time via the Wild website. International shipping is only £2.50 per month and a percentage of sales are donated to ‘On A Mission’, a climate charity focused on reforestation projects.

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4| Organic Mondays 

Organic Mondays eco friendly female hygiene products pictured against a white backdrop with a branch of cotton.

Organic Mondays is a 100% plastic-free line of organic cotton pads and tampons that you can curate into a bespoke box to be delivered every time of the month, with free international shipping. Organic Mondays products are SAP free, backed with siliconized paper and wrapped in a bioplastic made of cornstarch, which makes the entire product and packaging fully biodegradable and compostable. The subscription service is flexible to your needs, and boxes can be added or skipped whenever you need. Organic Mondays is based in Switzerland and all products are made in Europe. Have your bespoke box of 25 earth-friendly period products delivered to your door for just CHF 17.00; and just for an extra eco-friendly cherry on top, 1% of profits are donated to City to Sea, a nonprofit organization campaigning against plastic pollution.

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